All Children Grow Up

Do you ever feel like you’ve spent your whole life growing up in other people’s shadows?

I’ve just finished watching Greek for the millionth and first time, and I honestly can’t help but relate to Rusty when he first comes to Cyprus Rhodes University. The young, naïve Rusty who grew up in the shadow of his elder sister.

Like Rusty, I grew up in the shadow of an elder sibling, unlike Rusty it was a brother, and I did not go to the same university as him. I went far, far away, because I needed to. I needed to get out of that shadow. I needed to not be the little sister.

Rusty grew up in the four seasons it took Greek to reach its climax. He went from the geeky younger brother to Rusty, and to Spitter, and to the next president of Kappa Tau.

Casey tells him;

“you’re not my geeky little brother who got beat up by a sixth grader in high school.”

and when he’s questioning whether he’ll go back to being geeky Rusty with the possibility of being without Kappa Tau;

“I don’t believe that… you‘ve changed… that old Rusty is gone for good. You know you don’t need me, or anyone to protect you anymore… you can handle yourself.”

I too grew up through university, and I’ve been growing up ever since. Life is all about finding yourself, after all. No matter how old you get, or how much you grow up, there will always be more growing to do. That’s life. I’m damn well going to keep growing. I’m not done yet. I’m more than I was, but there’s still so much more I can be.

Cappie says;

“All children grow up”,

when the Kappa Taus are trying to convince Lasker Parkes not to tear down their house, and it gives Rusty the chance to be the kind of president the Kappa Taus will need when Cappie graduates at the end of the semester.

He’s right. All children grow up, and all children grow into themselves, and out of the shadows of those they grew up staring up at and believing that they’ll never reach up to.

“We all have a purpose and uh… our purpose is to figure out our purpose.”

Cappie says this in his final philosophy final, and that’s all that life really is. Getting out there into the world, discovering it, finding ourselves along the way, having fun, having adventures, and finding what it is that ultimately makes us tick and finding what it is we were put on this earth to do.

We’re all here to find our purpose and to grow up and into the best possible versions of us we can be.



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